May 7 2022 Meeting

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GNUstep Meeting Notes May 7, 2022

  • Gnustep website discussion
    • Creating a foundation
    • Possibly set up in Germany or the US.
      • Many Open Source foundations are based in Germany
  • Determine hosting for website
    • Need to find hosting services
    • Send Hugo invite to help with DNS entries
    • HTTPS SSL Certificate need new one
  • API comparison
    • Create an introspective site that compares various versions of the GNUstep APIs to Cocoa and OPENSTEP
      • HUGO has a concept drawing which he is going to share.
  • WebKit port
    • Simple WebKit
    • CEF Front End?
  • Twitter GNUstep GitHub hook
    • Show activity on website
  • Improve website so that it shows more information on theming.