Summer Of Code 2010

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Summer Of Code 2010

The Summer Of Code is a Google program that offers student developers stipends to create new freely available programs or to help currently established projects. It would be an excellent opportunity for GNUstep to fund some developments.

We need more mentor(s) to manage the volunteers… More information on the SoC FAQ

Joint Application

This will be a joint application of GNUstep, Étoilé, amdGAP . A lot of the projects that were accepted last year were joint applications (e.g. GNU, GNOME, KDE), so it might improve our chances. Please discuss!

GNUstep and GAP Ideas

Étoilé Ideas

Take a look at Étoilé Open Projects page.


  • Nicolas Roard
  • Adam Fedor
  • Quentin Mathé
  • David Chisnall
  • Fred Kiefer
  • Riccardo Mottola