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There may be a call to mention both Instance and Class variables due to the fundamental different roles they play in class-instance style of object oriented programming. Additionally, they're implemented in fairly wildly different ways.



Is this page really necessary? Synonyms could be redirected and users/devs can use the search function to the left if they're looking for a definition. Madleser

Yes, I'm all in favour for keeping the glossary cbv

And why is that :o? Madleser

Quicker access, think of it as a "reference book" cbv

Uhm, that's why I was questioning the need for a glossary. Redirecting synonyms (e.g. "Anonymous Object" then points to "Object") and using the search form would be quicker if you want a quick definition for something. Madleser

Oh, you mean using Redirects instead of anchors? Uhm, I used anchors on purpose. If a page is longer you then wouldn't have to scroll down to the section you actually are interested in. cbv

Mh. Table of Contents? Besides, using the glossary is already slower that being redirected and scolling down. First you have to click the glossary link, press strg+f to find what you're looking for and then click again. Madleser

Good point. Well then, go ahead. cbv