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Class / method MacOS X version Status Comments
CIColor Additions 10.4 Not Implemented
CIImage Additions 10.4 Not Implemented
NSActionCell 10.0 Looks Good
NSAffineTransform Additions 10.0 Looks Good
NSAlert / alertWithError 10.4 Not Implemented
NSAnimation 10.4 Not Implemented
NSAppleScript Addition 10.0 Not Implemented
NSApplication / activateIgnoringOtherApps 10.0 Behaves Differently The app is always activated unconditionally
NSApplication / runModalForWindow relativeToWindow 10.0 Behaves Differently Currently just centers window on the screen
NSApplication / beginModalSessionForWindow relativeToWindow 10.0 Not Implemented
NSApplication / runModalSession 10.0 Behaves Differently Apple's docs state that, before processing the events, it makes the session window key and orders the window front. This method does not attempt to do this because: 1) we don't want to interfere with use of other apps during modal session for this app; 2) occasionally other windows are active and should be usable during modal sessions (e.g., a popup dialog from a modal window); 3) most of the time beginModalSessionForWindow will have been called in advance. If the latter is not the case, you may need to order the window front yourself in advance.
NSApplication / beginSheet modalForWindow modalDelegate didEndSelector contextInfo 10.0 Behaves Differently Under GNUstep, the sheet aspect is not implemented (just centers window on the screen), but modalDelegate didEndSelector is called if both non-nil.
NSApplication / endSheet 10.0  ?
NSApplication / endSheet returnCode 10.0  ?
NSApplication / preventWindowOrdering 10.0 Not Implemented
NSApplication / hide 10.0 Behaves Differently On OS X this activates the next app that is running, however on GNUstep this is up to the window manager
NSApplication / orderedDocuments 10.0 Not Implemented
NSApplication / orderedWindows 10.0 Behaves Differently OS X scripting method to return windows in front-to-back on-screen order for scriptable windows. The GNUstep implementation returns all the windows excluding NSPanels. some backends may return an array in an unspecified order.
NSApplication / cancelUserAttentionRequest 10.1 Not Implemented
NSApplication / requestUserAttention 10.1 Not Implemented
NSApplication / replyToOpenToPrint 10.3 Not Implemented
NSArrayController 10.3 Not Implemented
NSATSTypesetter 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBezierPath / appendBezierPathWithPackedGlyphs 10.0 Not Implemented
NSBezierPath / getLineDash count phase 10.0  ? FIXME: How big is the pattern array?
NSBezierPath / stroke 10.0  ? FIXME: I don't see how this should work with color changes
NSBezierPath / fill 10.0  ? FIXME: I don't see how this should work with color changes
NSBitmapImageRep / colorizeByMappingGray toColor blackMapping whiteMapping 10.0 Behaves Differently Does nothing
NSBitmapImageRep / initWithBitmapDataPlanes pixelsWide pixelsHigh bitsPerSample samplesPerPixel hasAlpha isPlanar colorSpaceName bitmapFormat bytesPerRow bitsPerPixel 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / initForIncrementalLoad 10.2 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / bitmapFormat 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / representationOfImageRepsInArray usingType properties 10.0  ? FIXME: returns only the first image in the array, and only works for NSBitmapImageRep or subclasses thereof.
NSBitmapImageRep / incrementalLoadFromData complete 10.2 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / colorAtX Y 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / setColorAtX Y 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / getPixel atX y 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBitmapImageRep / setPixel atX y 10.4 Not Implemented
NSBox / boxType 10.0 Not Implemented
NSBox / setBoxType 10.0 Not Implemented
NSBox / setTitle 10.0 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / displayColumn 10.0  ? FIXME: why the following? Are we displaying now, or marking for later display?? Given the name, I think we are displaying now.
NSBrowser / titleheight 10.0  ? Nextish look requires 21 here ( hardcode )
NSBrowser / frameOfInsideOfColumn 10.0  ? xxx what does this one do?
NSBrowser / columnContentWidthForColumnWidth 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / columnWidthForColumnContentWidth 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / setColumnResizing 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / columnResizingType 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / setPrefersAllColumnUserResizing 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / prefersAllColumnUserResizing 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / setWidth ofColumn 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / widthOfColumn 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / setColumnsAutoSaveName 10.3 Not Implemented I cannot find setColumnsAutoSave at Apple's docs, but I can find setColumnsAutoSaveName. Martin 06:59, 17 March 2007 (CET)
NSBrowser / columnAutoSaveName 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser / removeSavedColumnsWithAutosaveName 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser delegate / browser shouldSizeColumn forUserResize toWidth 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser delegate / browser sizeToFitWidthOfColumn 10.3 Not Implemented
NSBrowser notification / NSBrowserColumnConfigurationDidChangeNotification 10.3 Not Implemented

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