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Notes from GNUstep meeting Aug 6 2021

  • Website (David Wetzel - DW)
    • Need to have the website present a solution for installing GNUstep quickly. Make a script…
    • tutorials to get from to hello world quickly
    • (Riccardo M. - RM) Discuss with Riccardo what changes are needed.
  • Usability (DW)
    • More command line interfaces
    • Terminal based environment
      • Terminal only based tutorial
  • GCC vs. LLVM/Clang (DW)
    • Clang has an advantage because ObjC is more of a focus
    • Fred: Is it possible to get gcc up to spec?
      • Require time from GS developers?
      • Who should do it?
      • Will GCC accept our patches?
      • RMS asked, and GCC said they would review our patches with “kinder” eye.
      • Issues with libobjc2 - (RM) - This is a consistent issue on a lot of platforms. LLVM/Clang Doesn’t work on ALL platforms.
        • Doesn’t work NetBSD
        • uses CMAKE, but would be better using STRAIGHT make as CMAKE is not available or not easy to configure
  • Cairo - Problems (Fred Kiefer - FK)
    • unmaintained — should we move to another library??
    • Can we replace the current Cairo with a hw accelerated library? Or any other commonly used library that is maintained!?
  • Cocotron (FK)
    • Can we use any Cocotron code?
      • MIT based. So we may be able to reuse some of their code or take ideas from their code.