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Here is the list of blogs concerning GNUstep and blogs of GNUstep people:

Blog Description Owner (#gnustep IRC nick)
Random thoughts of a Camaelon programming stuff, free software and gnustep things Nicolas Roard (rIO)
Heron's Perch Mostly Apple, GNUstep and stuff about me personally Gregory Casamento (bheron)
StepTalk Talks about software, programming and GNUstep Stefan Urbanek (Stiivi)
Think Blog (none) Stefan Kleine Stegemann (stefankst)
GNUstep News Not an Official GNUstep News Site (unknown)
The Art is Long The Den of Multix (aka grey gandalf) Riccardo (grey_gandalf)
andrew ruder :: software :: gnustep Posts concerning GNUstep and GNUstep software. Andrew Ruder (aeruder)