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This application is unmantained and show problems with the current GNUstep. You can use instead.

CodeEditor is a text and code editor.

Current Version: 0.4.4

  • Released: April 08, 2004
  • Licensed: GPL2


The goal of CodeEditor is to be a good non-rich text code editor. CodeEditorView offers a subclass of NSTextView and supports syntax highlight, mark delimiters, etc. It can be used in other projects.


  • Faster than ever
  • Tab View: Don't need to open so many terminals again.
  • Toolbar: Use "Alt (left) - t" to open/close a simple toolbar on the fly.
  • Find (Regular Express support) and replace.
  • File Inspector.
  • Change font attributes and preference instantly without restart.
  • Periodically or manually Highlight keyword with difference attributes according to the language.
  • Automatically or manually find delimiter pair.
  • Automatically indentation according to the preference.
  • Support scripting (need StepTalk).


Yen-Ju Chen

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