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Gorm stands for "Graphical Object Relationship Modeller" and is GNUstep's easy-to-use interface designer.

With Gorm designing tough and complex graphical interfaces for your applications can be done easily and quickl, using drag & drop, powerful inspectors and teamwork with ProjectCenter.

Gorm allows developers to quickly create and edit graphical application interfaces using a whole lot of GUI elements: windows, menus, buttons, labels, sliders, tables, textfields, browsers, images, altert panels and more. Custom palettes can be dynamically loaded to add additional elements or functionality.

After creating the interface, objects can be linked using mouse operations. Also Gorm features interactive testing of interfaces.

Please see the following wiki sections to learn tips on how to effectively utilize Gorm:

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Project Center

Project Center

ProjectCenter is GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE). It is based in part on NeXT's original Project Builder. It assists you in starting new projects and lets you manage your project files using a intuitive and well ordered graphical user interface.

Other tools

DevelopmentKit framework

See also: GNUstep IDE (idea)