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This is GNU Emacs ported to OS X and GNUstep, based on the earlier Rhapsody, OPENSTEP, and NeXTSTEP versions.

Current Version: 9.0-rc1

  • Released: Dec 24, 2006
  • Licensed: GPL 2


Emacs for GNUstep and MacOS X is a version of GNU Emacs CVS unicode-2 branch (currently planned to be released as Emacs 23) which adds support for the GNUstep and MacOS X systems via the OpenStep APIs (referred to as "Cocoa" under OS X). – From the manual.


This port leaves most of the core functions of Emacs unchanged and is fully-compatible with all Emacs Lisp packages, however it has a number of step-ish features which do not have any equivalent in Emacs's X11 interface. The design aim was to make it look as similar as possible to an X application to Emacs Lisp programs and to make it look like a normal GNUstep or MacOS X application to users. – From the manual.


Adrian Robert

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