EtoileOS under Ubuntu Linux

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EtoileOS under Ubuntu Linux

  • First, install GNUstep under Ubuntu Linux
  • Works under Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 (as long as you fix errors using the steps below)
  • PopplerKit compilation fails under Ubuntu Desktop 13.10
sudo aptitude install libssl-dev libgmp3-dev libsqlite-dev libsqlite3-dev
sudo aptitude install libgraphviz-dev libonig-dev libpoppler-dev libdbus-1-dev
sudo aptitude install libxss-dev

svn co svn:// Etoile
cd Etoile
make  # fix errors by following steps below.
sudo -E make install

Then run using: etoile_system

And try an app: Typewriter

How to fix errors (SVN revision 9992 checked out on January 1, 2014)

Note: Although the above should just work, there are some errors. We can fix the errors by following the steps below.

1) Comment out unrecognized symbol in line 670 in ./Languages/LanguageKit/CodeGen/
     // TO.JITExceptionHandling = 1;                                           
2) Comment out unrecognized symbol in lines 210 and 211 in ./Languages/LanguageKit/CodeGen/
     // case llvm::Module::AnyPointerSize:                                     
     //    intPtrTy = llvm::Type::getIntNTy(context, sizeof(void*) * 8);       
3) Copy a missing include file needed by ./Frameworks/CoreObject/Extras/Model/COAttributedString.m
     cp ./Frameworks/CoreObject/Debugging/COObjectGraphContext+Graphviz.h ./Frameworks/CoreObject/Extras/Model/
4) Edit ./Services/User/StepChat/GNUmakefile to change the two instances of -werror to -Werror
   because stepChat fails with clang-3.5: error: unknown argument: '-werror'.  
5) For the final link to succeed, add the full path to your llvm/build/lib/ directory to your
   For example append the path it to /etc/              
   and then run sudo ldconfig                                                  

Run make again after applying each of these fixes (or all of them).