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1st. GNUstep EDM: What it is about
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# Fred Kiefer # Fred Kiefer
# Gerold Rupprecht # Gerold Rupprecht
-# Gürkan Sengün+# [ Gürkan Sengün]
# Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf # Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
# M J Ray # M J Ray

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1st. GNUstep EDM: What it is about

During FOSDEM 2007 it was felt that we need a separate GNUstep developer's meeting so that we all have the time to go through ideas, discuss, present, decide, plan future aspects without being in three places at the same time.

A thread started on the discussion list shows a lot of interest in such a meeting.

So, let's make nails with heads and have GSFun, GSHack and maybe GSHike!


to be defined


  1. St-Gervais les Bains (Bettex) - chalet up to 12 persons
  2. near Bergamo - location to be defined by requirements
  3. Sarentino - to be verified
  4. Freiburg area
  5. Switzerland (Emmental?)


We hope that we can keep accomodation cost low.

To reduce travel cost, we can try to do car sharing.


A lot of sponsorship for accommodation support for students and other participants who have demand would be very welcome!


Weekend in September

something like Sat 15:00 - Sun 15:00


Everybody who thinks he/she can contribute to the development of GNUstep is welcome!

Note: development is more than coding - it includes bug reporting, documentation, etc.

Interest indicated

(Please add yourself or write a note to gnustep.discuss)

  1. Fred Kiefer
  2. Gerold Rupprecht
  3. Gürkan Sengün
  4. Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
  5. M J Ray
  6. Nicolas Roard
  7. Nikolaus Schaller
  8. Quentin Mathé
  9. Riccardo Mottola
  10. Richard Frith-Macdonald - interested, but most probably not
  11. Roland Schwingel
  12. Sašo Kiselkov


to be finalized

  1. Welcome
  2. Collection of Topics to discuss and fix the GSAgenda based on wishes from the GSRealParticipants
  3. Planning for FOSDEM 2008
  4. Demonstrations, Talks, Discussions, Fun
  5. Decisions

Topics from the mail discussion:

  • how to make/plan/verify new releases
  • news on Cairo backend
  • SimpleWebKit status, issues, missing parts in GNUstep Base and GUI
  • Etoile
  • how to attract new developers and users?
  • organization for FOSDEM 2008 + participation in other OSS / Linux events?
  • how to handle ObjC-2.0 and new features of OS X 10.5?
  • GAP
  • Hacking session(s)

If the selected location permits: private extension of the stay for e.g. hiking tours...