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Stand Overview
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Merchandise and Give-Away
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== Merchandise and Give-Away == == Merchandise and Give-Away ==
 +Plans for merchanidize have been given up. There may be some Give-Aways (brochures).
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Stand Overview

From the Front:

From Top:


  • request a Stand at FOSDEM organizers - done
  • find out exact dimensions - same as last year
  • update the plan - one half is GNUstep, the other one is Ogo
  • determine final size and number of posters we can place - no posters

Merchandise and Give-Away

Plans for merchanidize have been given up. There may be some Give-Aways (brochures).

Merchandise Price Number Responsible Comment
T-Shirt x EUR 20 L, 20 XL tbd what is a fair price?
Mouse Pad x EUR tbd tbd what is a fair price?
Live CD Photo 5 EUR 100? tbd which version?
GNUstep stickers free 1000 tbd tbd
GNUstep brochure free 200? tbd see download on Introduction_to_GNUstep
GNUstep booklet free 200? tbd see download on Introduction_to_GNUstep


  • We have to define how many units of each we have produced and define a reasonable price.
  • We could ask someone who already sells CDs and T-Shirts to give us some - and we return those that have not been sold.


Showing something and let people touch. We need permanently 2 persons to keep some eyes at the booth.

Currently available hardware for the demos:

System Device Responsible Availability Requirements Comments
Linux PDA Sharp Zaurus N. Schaller all the time 1xpower confirmed
GNU/Linux 533Mhz/256Mb transmeta laptop Saso Kiselkov all the time 1xpower confirmed
GNU/Linux / Windows  1.5Ghz laptop Saso Kiselkov not all the time 1xpower personal laptop
MacOS X / Linux ibook g3 600/384Mb Nicolas Roard all the time 1xpower not sure I can bring it :-/
MacOS X / FreeBSD / Linux / Windows macbook pro 2ghz/2Gb Nicolas Roard not all the time 1xpower personal laptop

Books to Show

We should have some Cocoa and Objective-C training books.

Title Author Responsible
Cocoa Programming Anuish, Buck and Yacktman  Fred Kiefer
Cocoa in a nutshell Michael Beam and James Duncan Davidson Graham Lee
Programming in Objective-C Stephen Kochan Graham Lee
Objective-C, précis & Concis (french edition) Andrew M. Duncan Nicolas Roard
Cocoa Programming for MacOS X (1st edition) Aaron Hillegass Nicolas Roard
NeXTSTEP Programming Simson L. Garfinkel and Michael K. Mahoney Nicolas Roard
The NeXT book Bruce F. Webser Nicolas Roard
PostScript Language Reference Adobe Inc., note: anybody interested ? else I might not take it :) Nicolas Roard
Programming the Display PostScript System with NeXTstep Adobe Inc., note: anybody interested ? else I might not take it :) Nicolas Roard
OpenStep for Enterprises Nancy Craighill, note: anybody interested ? else I might not take it :) Nicolas Roard


Posters should have size DIN A0 in colour.

Topic Size Responsible Comments
GNUstep banner 2m x 30cm? tbd
Gorm DIN A0 tbd
Cross Platform Development DIN A0 tbd
embedded GNUstep (mySTEP) DIN A0 N. Schaller confirmed
... DIN A0 tbd please propose!

Someone should take care of

  • collecting the PDF files from the authors and,
  • have them printed in same quality at a local copy shop.

Who will attend the meeting

One of the main reasons people attend the meeting is that you can meet, and talk directly to, other developers, whom you would otherwise meet only virtually (on mailing lists, emails, newsgroups, IRC etc.). We expect many lead developers and contributors to be present, so if you have never met them, you shouldn't miss this occasion!

The following is a list of people of GNUstep fame who have confirmed (or denied) that they will be able to join us at the GNUstep meeting at FOSDEM 2007:

Name Presence Friday Saturday Sunday Special comments
David Chisnall maybe Étoilé
Richard Frith-Macdonald yes GNUstep-base
Helge Hess yes
Lars S.-Helldorf yes -
Saso Kiselkov yes x x x ProjectManager
Quentin Mathé yes x x x Étoilé
Nicola Pero yes GNUstep-make
Nicolas Roard yes x x x Étoilé
Jesse Ross yes x x x Étoilé
Gerold Rupprecht yes x x Sponsor Saturday dinner
Nikolaus Schaller yes x x mySTEP
Gürkan Sengün hopefully

If you plan to join us at the meeting, please let us know here in the wiki (or send a mail to nicolas [at] roard com, I will add you). Knowing how many people will attend will help in organizing the event, and will encourage other people to join.

If you don't have write access on the wiki and you want it, you need to create an account and send a mail with your user name to webmasters [AT] to request it.

Who is at the booth

We should have teams of 2 plus one volunteer for fall-back if someone can't attend at all. And, please be there!

Day Time Slot First Name Second Name Fall-back
Sa. Feb 24, 2007 14:00 - 16:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
16:00 - 18:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
18:00 - 18:30 tear down
Su. Feb 25, 2007 09:00 - 10:00 Set-up by all responsible
10:00 - 12:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
12:00 - 14:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
14:00 - 16:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
16:00 - 18:00 N.N. N.N. N.N.
18:00 - 18:30 tear down

Dev-Room Presentations

The room at out disposal will be AW1.115 (capacity is 31 seats), - - Saturday: 14:00 -> 19:00 - - Sunday: 09:00 -> 18:00

Note that on Saturday, it is not possible to use the room before 14:00 as university courses are being held in all rooms until then. For that reason the schedule starts at 14:15, and will end at 19:00 on Saturday (instead of 18:00)

Day Time Slot Author Title
Sa. Feb 24, 2007 14:15 - 15:00 N.N. History and Future of GNUstep
15:00 - 16:00
16:00 - 18:00 moderator? GNUstep Roadmap, User and Developer Meeting
Sun. Feb 25, 2007 12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:00

Note: Does anyone have a projector for the talks? The FOSDEM organisation will gives us one if needed, but having our own would be more convenient (if only to have a good one, remember last year)

Questions / To-Do List

  • How to secure valuable devices? - there is a hadrware equipment insurance by FOSDEM - BUT ON REGISTRATION ONLY!
  • How to collect payments? Who is treasurer?
  • Request a Dev-Room - done
  • Request additional presentation to the main audience - done (not avilable)
  • Clarify size of booth tables, posters with FOSDEM organizers
  • Clarify number and price of merchandise to create
  • Define demonstrations
  • Define posters to show and confirmation
  • Who collects poster's PDFs and takes care of printing them?
  • Define presentations and get presenters' confirmations
  • Post a Call for Presentations/Demos/Posters/Volunteers' to news:gnu.gnustep.discuss -
  • Collect presentations - done partially

Organizing Committee

  • A. Fedor
  • H. Hess
  • N. Roard
  • N. Schaller
  • volunteers welcome!

Older Material/Thoughts (to be deleted when worked in)

Few ideas


  • use Live CD - even re-released last version
  • Perhaps some GNUstep merchandise, like GNUstep T-shirts, GNUstep mouse pads, GNUstep stickers, etc. Though I'm not sure we could easily afford these yet. Quickly lurking through the Internet, I calculated that 20 T-shirts come to around 60 EUR, 30 T-shirts to ~85 EUR, and 50 T-shirts around ~130 EUR.
  • perform a [Survey]

Portability demonstration

Use several machines side-by side with:

  • GNUstep with Camaelon, and perhaps the Etoile system
  • some Apple hardware for showing that the same applications can run on GNUstep and OSX
  • some Linux machine
  • some BSD machine
  • some x86 hardware to show that GNUstep is even available on Windows
  • some other hardware (connected to the LCD we had) showing a presentation/video on GNUstep - something flashy, with sound and talk