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FOSDEM 2008 Announcement

FOSDEM 2008 will take place at at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels on the 23/24. Feb 2008.

This page is for organizing GNUstep's participation in the event. This includes the organization of a developer meeting the Friday before FOSDEM.

Note: this year we will have just a small stand/booth but no on-site devroom (see Sun hotel). So, we have to even better prepare our stand (product demos, leaflets, T-Shirts etc.)


  • Gerold Rupprecht
  • Adam Fedor

Who will attend FOSDEM

One of the main reasons people attend the event is that you can meet, and talk directly to, other developers, whom you would otherwise meet only virtually (on mailing lists, emails, newsgroups, IRC etc.). We expect many lead developers and contributors to be present, so if you have never met them, you shouldn't miss this occasion!

The following is a list of people of GNUstep fame who have confirmed (or denied) that they will be able to join us at the GNUstep meeting at FOSDEM 2008:

Name Presence Friday Saturday Sunday Special comments
Richard Frith-Macdonald yes late x x GNUstep-base
Helge Hess yes late x x [OpenGroupware]
Lars S.-Helldorf yes x x x
Graham Lee
Quentin Mathé no x x x Étoilé
Nicola Pero yes x x GNUstep-make
Nicolas Roard yes x x x Étoilé - looking forward to the developer meeting
Jesse Ross no Étoilé
Gerold Rupprecht yes x x x Sponsor Saturday dinner
Gregory Casamento no GORM, GNUstep Chief Maintainer
Riccardo Mottola BSD Ports, [GNUstep Application Project], SimpleWebKit, Vespucci
Nikolaus Schaller yes x x x mySTEP, [QuantumSTEP], [Simple WebKit], GSCoreData
Gürkan Sengün no
Fred Kiefer yes x x GNUstep-gui, back
Sašo Kiselkov GSCoreData, DataBuilder

Suggested Hotels

Thanks to Nikolaus Schaller who has done some initial research as follows:

Developer Meeting Hotel - Sun Hotel in Brussels (Belguim)

    • Rue du Berger, 38
    • 1050 Brussels

(near Porte de Namur)

    • Tel : +32(0)2 511 21 19
    • Fax : +32(0)2 512 32 71
    • 50 EUR/Single room with breakfast
    • 22 rooms total
    • 3km distance to University

has internet access, will make breakfast room available for developers after 11:00 am. Two electrical plugs for breakfast room, so need extension cord with additional plugs. Ask for first or second floor rooms close to reception for good wifi connections.

Hotel Sabina in Brussels (Belgium)

  • Rue du Nord 78
  • B-1000 Brussels
  • Tel: (32)2 218 26 37
  • Fax: (32)2 219 32 39

(very good rating by visitors) 63 EUR/Single with breakfast 8 single only + 16 double rooms 4,2km distance

Hotel Mozart in Bruxelles (Belgium)

  • Rue Marché aux Fromages 23
  • B-1000 Brussels
  • Tel +32 2 502 66 61
  • Fax +32 2 502 77 58
  • Email

70 EUR/Single room NO breakfast WLAN

51 rooms total 4,2km distance

We are open to other suggestions. Please take into account distance to the University and access to public transportation.

A quick introduction to Brussels: