Feb 15 2022 Meeting

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Notes from GNUstep meeting 15 February 2022 --

  • No plans to deprecate GCC
  • Add features from ObjC2 to GCC — Need buy in from GCC devs
    • A first step could be to toggle the use of libobjc2 structure generation, before trying to upgrade GCC-libobjc
  • Port libobjc2 to other architecture and make sure to stabilize on other platforms.
    • Riccardo can help testing
  • Fred to look into cooperation with David C. to bring in new features / changes to libobjc2
    • Possibly create alternate build system (aside from cmake)
    • Autoconf / Make build system available in parallel
  • Ensure new versions of clang build objc code properly
    • Add test suites to verify that a given version of clang works/builds.
  • What are we planning to improve within GNUstep core libraries…
    • Experimentally try things that might help make things better. (?)
    • Weak pointers for delegates (?)
  • Unreasonable expectations about what clang will actually do.
    • Need more debugging and testing
    • Younger developers struggle with using a limited subset of ObjC2 (objc “1”)
  • Clang packages
  • Education — Make developers aware of where the compiler ends and GNUstep starts (distinction between)
  • Documentation of available methods and classes depending on language version. (Autogsdoc?)