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Fí is an educational application to solve physics problems. This application needs GSL (GNU Scientific Library)

Current Version: 0.2

  • Released: 6 July, 2010
  • Licensed: GPLv3


FisicaLab solving an dynamic problem
FisicaLab solving an dynamic problem

FísicaLab consist in a chalkboard to set the problems and a palette with elements like mobiles, blocks, forces,... that let the user set the problems.


FísicaLab can solve the fallowing problems

  • Kinematic of particles in 2D.
  • Kinematic of particles, circular motin, in 2D.
  • Static of particles in 2D.
  • Static of rigid bodies in 2D.
  • Dynamic of particles in 2D.
  • Heat, calorimetry, ideal gas and expansion.


Germán Arias

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