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Extension frameworks (official parts of GNUstep project)

Scripting and Binding

  • GNUstep Guile - Extension to make use of the GUILE scripting language.

Other frameworks (not official parts of GNUstep project)


  • MusicKit - The MusicKit is an object-oriented software system for building music, sound, signal processing, and MIDI applications. It has been used in such diverse commercial applications as music sequencers, computer games, and document processors. Professors and students in academia have used the MusicKit in a host of areas, including music performance, scientific experiments, computer-aided instruction, and physical modeling.


  • IDEKit - Framework for programmer editors (I have stated to port it to GNUstep, to know more you can contact me Quentin Mathé)
  • PCRE Parser - Perl-compatible regular expression library.
  • SKYRIX Core - Various Foundation extensions, classes for processing MIME entities


  • 3DKit - The GNU 3DKit provides multiple Objective-C frameworks which facilitate the design and implementation of 3D applications based on OpenGL. It tightly integrates with GNUstep and Cocoa.
  • GOOD - GOOD stands for GNUstep Object Oriented Diagramming. It is a library that aims to provide GNUstep developers a way to add modern diagramming capabilities to their own application.
  • Maliwan - GNUstep Generic Graphic Manipulate Framework.
  • Narrative - an LGPLed object oriented plotting framework for Cocoa and GNUstep


  • GSWebKit - The GNUstep Web Kit provides a set of classes to display web content in windows, and implements browser features such as following links when clicked by the user, managing a back-forward list, and managing a history of pages recently visited"
  • SKYRIX Core - Provides a like stream and socket library, a full IMAP4 implementation, a prototypical POP3 and SMTP processors and an Objective-C wrapper for LDAP directory services.
  • SMBKit - SAMBA library wrapper


  • SKYRIX Core - Classes for iCalendar/vCard objects
  • syncml - SyncML is an XML based standard for data synchronization.

Scripting and Binding

Text Processing

  • libobjcxerces - XML (SAX, SAX2) and DOM handling in Objective-C using libXerces.
  • SKYRIX XML - provides a SAX2 implementation for Objective-C, DOM on top of SaxObjC, an XML-RPC implementation (without the transport layer), SaxObjC driver bundles for: libical (iCalendar,vCard), expat (XML), plists, pyx, CoreFoundation (XML) )