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There are several efforts to create Live CDs of GNUstep


of Gürkan Sengün, Version 1.0 released on November 6, 2006


  • Some Apps can't be started from GWorkspace, instead openapp <MyApplication> is required -- Which?
  • Some windows (for instance in can't be accessed since the title bar is offscreen (a seasoned gnustepper knows how to fix this but what about the newbees?)
  • Some menus behave oddly


  • Sometimes a PS/2 mouse isn't recognized (differs from boot time to boot time on the same hardware)

Bugs reported by Fred Kiefer:

  • It took a long time to start up, during this it tried to get a network connection via DHCP and also prepared the nfonts. I think the first should be switched off and the fonts preprepared.
  • There were no names on the dock icons, making it hard to realise what they were standing for.
  • The fonts didn't display white space.
  • There were no colour schemas predefined.

Feature Requests

  • it should be obvious how to install GNUSTEP on HD from within the Live CD (ideally by employing a GUI based wizard)