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Porting TWW HPMS to other OS
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Porting TWW HPMS to other OS
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=== Porting TWW HPMS to other OS === === Porting TWW HPMS to other OS ===
-Like perl or python, TWW HPMS is like a duct tape to gule different PMS together. +Like perl or python, TWW HPMS is like a duct tape to glue different PMS together.
sbutils sbutils

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Have you ever take a look of current computing environments on Earth from outerspace ? Seeing so many Operating Systems got created in the name of inovation(it is true in most cases). End users end up with lots of incompatible operating systems,programming languages and applications to deal with. Each OS vendor/supporter will make their OS as different as possible and label it as features. In some cases, they will spend exra efforts to make sure other OS users can't use their features. All of these actions create high maintence cost. We need a solution to deal with these diversions to avoid the chaos.

The Java environment is a good example aim to do same "things" across different incompatible paltforms. GNUstep is another example aim to provide unified and consistent programming environment for applicaiton developers.

A solution to deal with application management across different OS is needed. Given GNUstep's cross-platform declaration on application development activities, so should the application mangement activies cross-platform united.

In this project we like to use GNUstep application as an example to demostrate the benifits of using CPAM. There are currently different package sources to create GNUstep package for different OS paltforms. We will demostrate using one package source to create native package for different OS. and also using same tool to maintain GNUstep package.

What is CPAM, CPAD and HPMS  ?

CPAM: Cross-platform Application Management. CPAD: Cross-platform Application Developement. HPMS: Hyper Package Management System. PMS: Package Management system. This is a project to automate the process of creating GNUstep environment for a perticular OS platform.

Why doing it

  • Lots of time is spent by experienced GNUsteppers to assist new GNUsteppers with compiling the source, and this waste will continue to occur unless we resolve certain issues.
  • Time can be better spent on GNUstep developement, and not on the compling and packaging process.
  • Easy installation and removal of GNUstep encourges the deployment of GNUstep in corporate environments.
  • The softare adn pacakge creation processes can be reproduced easliy by others with simple commands.
  • Improves QA testing by generating GNUstep bug fixed instances quickly.



With 10 years of effort on the fundation works other steppers has done, we hope we can do better by standing on top of their sholders.


TWW Inc.

This project is using CPAM tools created by TWW Inc.The commpany created TWW tool sets to help cross-platform open-source package creation and deployment. Currently GNUstep is not avaible in the list of their supported packages. The good thing is that we have a chance to invite steppers create the package sources together. All source of their supported packages are avaiable at Those package sources need to be compiled with vendor compiler. gcc compiler is used only on RedHat plaform.

Motorola Inc.

They have a simliar CPAM homegrown solution to deal with supporting open-source across OS platform. That tool was dropped in favor of TWW's GPL opensourced tool sets. Currently TWW HPMS tool is used in certain part of the company.


  • Introduce CPAM(Cross-Platform Application Management) tool implemented by TWW Inc. to GNUstep CPAD community
    • Cross-Platform is easier said then done becuase each platform's features are barriers for others.
  • Release GNUstep package source implemented by TWW CPAM.
    • I will release a working package source for others to try and review.
    • The package soruces can generate native package format for RHAS rpm,Solaris pkgadd and HP-UX depot formats.
  • Write tutorial on learning TWW CPAM.
    • I am willing to help/assist a few persons to get familliar with TWW tools if they promise to write up what they learned in a tutorial article. As you can see I am really not good on documenation work.

Integrate GNUstep developement process with TWW CPAM

Current TWW HPMS supported Systems

Porting TWW HPMS to other OS

Like perl or python, TWW HPMS is like a duct tape to glue different PMS together.

sbutils pbutils pkgutils

Notes from TJ Yang

 In this paragrah, I just want to make sure above out of nowhere text not treated as spam.
 My name is T.J. Yang(tj_yang at hotmail dot com), 
 I have been working as a system administator and I am interested 
 to bring the CPAM experience to work on this project. I promised myslef to digitalize the 
 compiling process when "Adam Fedor" was kindly answer my emails regarding to the compiling issues
 I econcuntered.

 Please email me if you have comment/questions. 
 For detail about TWW, please see
 I have used CPAM tool at work to bring cross-platform open-source software support 
 nightmare under control. TWW CPAM tool is battle field tested ;)
 All the TWW tools and sources of their supported packages are GPL open-source compliant. 
 They are freely avaiable( but support labor and binary packages are not.