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The release procedure describes steps required to create new release of GNUstep and its packages.


  • it should be possible to create a release from clean CVS checkout


  1. do pure GNUstep CVS checkout
  2. make sure that all required release tests passed
  3. increase appropriate version number
  4. create the package
  5. upload the package
  6. notify packagers on other platforms
  7. announce the release

If the packages are used by the GNUstep umbrella package (runtime or development environment), then the ubrella package should be released too.


It is desired that the release is made from CVS checkout. The release should correspond to a tagged state in the CVS.

Also it is required that all release test passed. If not, the release should not be created. For more information about the tests see Quality assurance.

Follow standard versioning guidelines.


The .tar.gz package should be created and put into appropriate directonr in

Concerning binary packages, the person responsible for the release should notify all packagers for different platforms.

FIXME: add a list in the following form:

GNUstep Package | Packager | notify email address (it should be a list)


example of an announcement

FIXME: upload an announcement template for all core GNUstep packages here.