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Grr is a RSS Reader application

Current Version: 0.9.0

  • Released: Nov 01 2010
  • Licensed: GPL


Grr is a reader for RSS news feeds. It(since version 0.9.0) is part of the GNUstep Application project. Previous versions were part of Étoilé.

Grr depends on RSSkit, the latest version of which is 0.3.0.


From the website:

  • Parsing RSS Feeds
  • Fetching feeds from the web
  • Showing headlines
  • Showing the article's descriptions
  • Categories for feeds
  • Articles can be rated
  • Simple HTML rendering on GNUstep
  • Serializing obtained feed-information to hard-disk
  • Managing (Adding, removing) feeds
  • Parsing ATOM feeds. (I heard rumours that RSS readers need this feature now.)


  • GNUstep Application Project Team
  • Riccardo Mottola
  • Günther Noack

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