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maintainer = [mailto:rburns@paiges.net Rob Burns] | maintainer = [mailto:rburns@paiges.net Rob Burns] |
-relatedlinks = http://www.eskimo.com/~pburns/Dictionaries/ |+relatedlinks =
 +* [http://rburns.paiges.net/software/dictionaries/ Homepage] |
category = [[Category:TextProcessing Applications]] category = [[Category:TextProcessing Applications]]
}} }}

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Jishyo is an English to Japanese dictionary.

Current Version: 0.1

  • Released: Jun 7, 2005
  • Licensed: GPL


Jishyo is an English to Japanese dictionary. Currently it only supports English queries. Jishyo is based in large part on code from Jim Breen's xjdic. It also uses the dictionary data from the same software.


  • exact', 'similar', and 'related' queries, that return successively greater number of results.
  • Localized for Thai and Japanese.


Rob Burns

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