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KoKit is a framework collection, that extends the functionality of GNUstep's Foundation and AppKit. Basically it's a collection of classes we use repeatedly, so instead of adding the source again and again, we decided to create KoKit.

It currently consists of the following frameworks:

  • KoBase is the low-lewel framework in the KoKit framework collection. It provides some simple to use debugging aids, instance counting to discover and track memory leaks, and functions for easy C string manipulation.
  • KoFoundation is an extension to GNUstep's Foundation framework. It adds additional containers, such as LIFO (stack) and FIFO (queue), a signal handler and more.
  • KoAppKit is an extension to GNUstep's AppKit framework. It adds a collection of useful extensions and widgets that make GUI development a bit easier.
  • KoCrypt provides a collection of classes of cryptographic algorithms and categories for quick and easy access.
  • KoNet is a collection of classes that deal with BSD socket programming.

  • Tryst is a proof of concept implementation of Apple's Bonjour (formerly known as Rendezvous) for GNUstep.

    Bonjour allows you to register a network service, such as a printer or file server, so that it can be found by name or browsed for by service type and domain.

    Using Tryst, applications can discover what services are available on the network, along with all necessary access information such as name, IP address, and port number for a given service.