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== Older News == == Older News ==
[[Application_News_2007|2007]], [[Application_News_2007|2007]],
[[Application_News_2006|2006]], [[Application_News_2006|2006]],

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GNUstep is a cross-platform, object-oriented set of frameworks for desktop application development.
This set of frameworks, based on Cocoa (previously OpenStep), enables developers to rapidly build sophisticated software by employing a large library of reusable software components. GNUstep is already used in production environments at several organizations.

Sounds interesting? Have a look at the more in-depth introduction!

If you find bugs, please refer how to report bugs.

All packages are collected in the searchable Software Index which also has an RSS feed.


Oct 12 2014

Maintenance release

Sep 04 2014

(Homepage 0.8 Release

Apr 28 2014

(0.7 release)

Jan 09 2014

  • Windows Installer update
(0.34.0 Release)

Dec 24 2013

  • GNUstep core release
(Christmas2013 Release)

Dec 06 2013

  • Windows Installer update
(0.33.0 Release)

Oct 15 2013

New release, with improved editors and selection , important fixes for the Text objects

Sep 16 2013

This release solves portability issues (64bit-x86, PPC, Sparc...), problems with Clang, improved packaging, security patches

Aug 22 2013

  • GNUstep Examples 1.4.0 stable release
(Download Examples). Various updates.
(Download MathArray). Fixes to work on modern compilers.

Aug 10 2013

  • GNUstep Startup 0.30.0 stable release
(Download Startup). Includes latest core packages

Apr 21 2013

(Zipper Homepage)

Apr 02 2013

  • GNUstep Gui 0.23.1 stable release
(Download Gui)
  • GNUstep Make 2.6.4 stable release
(Download Make)
  • GNUstep Base 1.24.4 stable release
(Download Base)

Mar 02 2013

  • GNUstep Gui 0.23.0 stable release
(Download Gui)
  • GNUstep Back 0.23.0 stable release
(Download Back)
  • GNUstep Make 2.6.3 stable release
(Download Make)
  • GNUstep Base 1.24.3 stable release
(Download Base)

Older News

2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

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