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NSAlert is a modal dialog or sheet.

<syntaxhighlight lang="c_max">

/** NS Alert Example*/

NSAlert* a = [ NSAlert alertWithMessageText:@"title" defaultButton:@"ok" alternateButton:@"cancel" otherButton:nil informativeTextWithFormat:@"more information ];

//Run as a dialog NSInteger returnCode = [a runModal]; switch(returnCode) { case 1:

//ok break;

case 2:

//cancel break; }

//Attach to window [a beginSheetModalForWindow:windowP modalDelegate:self didEndSelector:@selector(alertDidEnd:) contextInfo:nil];

- (void) alertDidEnd:(NSAlert *)alert returnCode:(NSInteger)returnCode contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo { switch(returnCode) { case 1: //ok break; case 2: //cancel break; } } </p>


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