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* and more! | * and more! |
-maintainer = [ Ludovic Marcotte] |+maintainer =
 +* [ Germán A. Arias]
 +* [ Riccardo Mottola]
 +Original author [ Ludovic Marcotte]|
-relatedlinks =+relatedlinks =
-* [ Official Page] |+* [ Official website]
 +* [ GNUMail's original website (currently unavailable)]|
category = [[Category:Networking Frameworks]] category = [[Category:Networking Frameworks]]
}} }}

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The Pantomime framework supports the major mail protocols: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

Current Version: 1.3.0

  • Released: June 15, 2018
  • Licensed: LGPL2.1


Pantomime provides a set of Objective-C classes that model a mail system. Pantomime can be seen as a JavaMail 1.2 clone written in Objective-C.

Pantomime is almost entirely written in Objective-C. The C language is only used where performance is critical. Pantomime uses a little bit of ELM code.

Pantomime is used in the project GNUMail and It has been included since the release 0.7.0pre2 of


  • A full MIME encoder and decoder
  • A 'folder view' to local mailboxes (Berkeley Format), POP3 accounts or IMAP mailboxes
  • A powerful API to work on all aspects of Message objects
  • A local mailer and a SMTP conduit for sending messages
  • APOP and SMTP AUTH support
  • IMAP and POP3 URL Scheme support
  • iconv and Core Foundation support
  • UNIX mbox and maildir support
  • SSL/TLS support for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • and more!


Original author Ludovic Marcotte

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