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-The GNUstep project is being developed by many individuals from all around the world, and this page lists all means of participating in the development and communicating with the developers.+#redirect [[GNUstepWiki:Community Portal]]
- +
-== Development ==+
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-The most important things for the GNUstep developer to know are:+
-* [ The bug tracker] +
-* [[Using Subversion]] to access the source-code repository+
-* The [[Get Help#Mailing Lists|mailing lists]] to communicate with other developers+
-* [ The tasks tracker] for things that need to be done+
-* Everything listed in [[Developer Guides]] ;)+
- +
-Some other places might be relevant, though they seem to be rarely used and might be deprecated at some point in the future:+
-* [ The patches page]+
- +
-[[Category:Project procedures]]+

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