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The GNUstep project is being developed by many individuals from all around the world, and this page lists all means of participating in the development and communicating with the developers.


The most important things for the GNUstep developer to know are:

Some other places might be relevant, though they seem to be rarely used and might be deprecated at some point in the future:


Some, but not all, GNUstep developers can also be reached through IRC:

Server: (or or, same network)

Channel: #gnustep

Connect to the network and type /join #GNUstep or click on this direct link: irc://

Examples of IRC clients you can use: xchat (UNICES and Windows), gaim (UNICES and Windows), mirc (Windows) or TalkSoup on GNUstep's LiveCD for Intel.


GMANE carries the GNUstep mailinglists by NNTP

  • comp.lang.objective-c* : The Objective-C language and environment.
  • gnu.gnustep.announce* : Info and announcements (Moderated)
  • gnu.gnustep.bug* : Bug reports for gnustep.
  • gnu.gnustep.discuss* : Discussion of gnustep.
  •* : Requests for help with gnustep.