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GNUstep project, as many open-source software (OSS) is being developed by many developers from all around the world. The project uses various tools for supporting the development.

Main project development page


IRC Channel

You can talk to some (not all use IRC) GNUstep developers on IRC:

Server: or or
Channel: #gnustep

Configure your IRC client and join the channel:

/join #GNUstep

Examples of IRC clients you can use: xchat (UNICES and Windows), gaim (UNICES and Windows), mirc (Windows) or TalkSoup on GNUstep's LiveCD for Intel.

News Groups carries the GNUstep mailinglists by NNTP

  • comp.lang.objective-c* : The Objective-C language and environment.
  • gnu.gnustep.announce* : Info and announcements (Moderated)
  • gnu.gnustep.bug* : Bug reports for gnustep.
  • gnu.gnustep.discuss* : Discussion of gnustep.
  •* : Requests for help with gnustep.