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SimpleAgenda is a simple calendar and agenda application.

Current Version: 0.24

  • Released: Jul 06, 2007
  • Licensed: GPL 2


Based on libical, SimpleAgenda handles multiple local and distant (through webcal) calendars. Starting with version 0.23, ChronographerSource no longer is a dependency and we're slowly moving the data structures to libical ones.

The big missing point for now is account/calendar creation in the GUI. Except for the private local account, created by default, you will have to use 'defaults write...'. You will find an example in the source, a file called 'defaults'.


  • multiples agendas
  • monthly calendar, day view and summary
  • create, resize and move appointments easily
  • export individual appointments as files and to pasteboard
  • changing rapidly
  • open to suggestions and friendly with contributors !


Philippe Roussel

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