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Here some first items (for further editing)

  • originated in mySTEP
  • is completely written in Objective-C (1.0)
  • aims at providing the most popular methods of Full WebKit for the classes WebView, WebFrame, WebDataSource, etc.
  • aims at rendering (X)HTML as good as possible

Here some features of the current version:

  • parses (X)HTML into a DOM tree
  • renders approx. 50% of the HTML tags in a reasonable way
  • makes <a> links clickable and processes them
  • is prepared to load <img>, <script> etc. and already loads them as subresources
  • is prepared to handle <frame>
  • is prepared to handle <form>
  • has a ECMAScript engine that parses 90% of the syntax and evaluates expressions (missing are Statements and the native Objects incl. "document", "window", "event" etc.)


  • really display <img> tags
  • properly merge <script>
  • completion of ECMAScript engine
  • CSS

Here some first screen shots (made by linking against Apple AppKit&Foundation)

Image:SimpleWebKit Example.jpg