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Adobe Crossbridge

Adobe Crossbridge CrossBridge is the open-source version of Adobe FlasCC (formerly the Alchemy project).

Brilliant Service

Brilliant Service is a vendor in Japan working on creating a platform for a Head Mounted Display. They are using GNUstep as the basis for the Objective-C based programming environment. Their press release is here.


Apportable is a mobile platform for porting applications from iOS to Android. Apportable has used GNUstep to port many well known apps from the iOS app store to all kinds of Android based devices.


Created by TestPlant, eggPlant is an application which is used by developers for user interface testing. It is an image based testing program which includes an integrated VNC client which can connect to other machines which are running VNC servers to run it's scripts against them using it's scripting language known as SenseTalk.


GNUspeech an extensible, text-to-speech package, based on real-time, articulatory, speech-synthesis-by-rules. That is, it converts text strings into phonetic descriptions, aided by a pronouncing dictionary, letter-to-sound rules, rhythm and intonation models; transforms the phonetic descriptions into parameters for a low-level articulatory synthesiser; and uses these to drive an articulatory model of the human vocal tract producing an output suitable for the normal sound output devices.


Cenon is a vector graphics tool with a wide range of applications. It is built upon a modular graphical core, and offers a variety of applications beyond desktop publishing. Cenon can convert, import, and export many graphics formats. The modular concept allows the extension of Cenon for specialized applications.

RailML Editor

The RailML Editor was ported to GNUstep from OPENSTEP. The Initiative attempts to facilitate communication between railway applications. RailML Editor is one of the many applications that follow the railML standard.


NetMage is a client-server system developed completely in GNUstep and Objective-C and running on GNU/Linux and other flavors of *nix. It is used internally by the companies NETLAB and GTS Nextra for collective monitoring and administering of long-range synchronous radio telecommunications links.

Some screenshots:

1. NetMage with the login screen visible and a list of available synchronous networks to connect to: netmage1.png

2. NetMage showing a network of radio links in a synchronous network: netmage2.png

3. NetMage showing the settings of a modular link multiplexer along with a list of available interface cards: netmage3.png

Please consider the above screenshots licensed under the FDL - I provide them in good faith for the endorsement of GNUstep, not for any profit (we don't sell the above mentioned software anyways...).

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