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Each question should have a 'comment' field.

For any multi-choice one can check more than one opetion



You are:

  • developer
  • future developer
  • user

Operating system (and flavour) you use:

  • MS Windows: ....
  • Linux: .....
  • BSD: ....
  • OSX
  • Other: ....


Kinds of applications you use (and reason):

Concrete list of applications:

What applications or application kinds you are missing: ....

What do you do not like about current applications you use: .....

For Developers

If you are not a developer and you are either planning to be one or imagining to be one, fill this part too.

Your development platform: .....

Type of applications you develop: (FIXME: put a list of app types here)

  • Languagaes you use and why: (give a reason for the language you use)
    • C
    • C++
    • C#
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • FIXME: add languages here


  • What do you think gnustep is? .....
  • Have you heard about gnustep? .....
  • Where you have heard about gnustep? .....
  • What is you experience with gnustep?
  • Do you use gnustep? ....
  • For what?
    • Development of: .....
    • Production of: .....
    • Just for fun
    • Other: .....

If you do not use gnustep, give a reson why:

(same for Do you plan to use GNUstep?)

What applications you use in GNUstep? Same for plat to use: use either two lists or single with two columns with check-boxes (put a list of major gnustep applications)

What applications would you like to see in GNUstep?

What frameworks do you (plan to) use from gnustep?

What frameworks are you missing?

How do you compare gnustep to other development environments?

GNUstep development

  • would you like to develop for GNUstep?
  • what?
    • gnustep core libraries
    • applications:....
    • frameworks:....

what are you missing to be able to develop for gnustep?

    • experience
    • courage
    • documentation
    • nothing
    • other:.....