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Apllication links - We have one that links to an internal wiki page. and one that links to the developers site. The good thing about the internal link is that it keeps the translation table all lined up and easy to maintain. The bad thing is that by duplicating information, it makes more work. The external links fix the duplicate information problem, but makes the table column unaligned and difficult to edit. I lean in favor of the external links. Does anyone have any better ideas? maybe leave the appname at the beginning of the row, but move the link to the end?

--Rburns 13:28, 10 May 2005 (CEST)

My idea is every app to have its own internal page, where all external links should be. For the time being I've created only a page for Poe, but I'm planning to add other apps. This is because it is much easer for users to read about the app in the Wiki and visit the external link once they are interested; also that would keep apps' presentation consistent. My idea, though, others may think different.

--Yavor Doganov 19:39 10 May 2005 (EEST)

The best idea - for readers - is that everyone app has it's own page in wiki, with at least basic informations about the application. Developers sites have often completely different layout, and searching for some little information can be difficult. CzarnyZajaczek 23:25, 28 November 2005 (CET)


Note supported languages on app pages themselves? Centralized -> user immediately sees it/easier to update