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this is rogue bubble's wiki page on the GNUstep site. My real name is Johan.

Newbie Talk :
I will explain here how I got into GNUstep and what a newbie can do :

For beginners of GNUstep, read the Developer FAQ and Developer Guides and read some code. For the FAQ and Programming Manuals see the developers menu on the left frame of this wiki.

I started with the GMines-0.2 program on this site and made a simple tile engine for it to make a simple nethack with graphics ( program out of it.

It also includes a Xpm library (Xpm.h and Xpm.m files.) The project is hosted here :, check out the git repository for the latest code. There are also source archives available at the project's download page.)

Hacker Talk :

I wrote my own compiler suite for GameBoyAdvance (ARM7 processor), 6502 processors (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, 8 bit), it targets these architectures assembler and maybe later on (Java or ELF) bytecode, you can fetch the source here :

I will put my own research for extending Objective-C and the GNUstep UI with SmallTalk in there.

GNUrbis et GNOrbis :

For gnome's sake, I have an ObjC orb on the docks, which will probably be integrated with the compiler. Gnorb project page :

Libraries :

Callback framework based on libsigc++ (no dependencies though, except for the GNUstep makefile), named sigcm, hosted at :