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this is bubble's wiki page on the GNUstep site. My real name is Johan.

Newbie Talk :
I will explain here how I got into GNUstep and what a newbie can do :

For beginners of GNUstep, read the Developer FAQ and Developer Guides and read some code. Check out the programming manuals.

I started with the GMines-0.2 program on this site and made a simple tile engine for it to make a simple nethack with graphics ( program out of it.

It also includes a Xpm library (Xpm.h and Xpm.m files.) The project is hosted here :, check out the git repository for the latest code. There are also source archives available at the project's download page.)


Hacker Talk :

I wrote my own compiler suite for GameBoyAdvance (ARM7 processor), 6502 processors (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, 8 bit), it targets these architectures assembler and maybe later on (Java or ELF) bytecode, you can fetch the source here :

I will put my own research for extending Objective-C and the GNUstep UI with SmallTalk in there.

There is an iOS version in the works, available as separate tarball, versioned, at the download page.

GNUrbis et GNOrbis :

For gnome's sake, I have an ObjC orb on the docks, which will probably be integrated with the compiler. Gnorb project page :

Libraries :

I wrote gnustep-fuzzy which is a fuzzy logic rule system that applies rule e.g. for drawing to the GNUstep applications. It's at the fuzzy page.

Callback framework based on libsigc++ (no dependencies though, except for the GNUstep makefile), named sigcm, hosted at :