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-== hold on! == 
-I see that you're porting pages from to the wiki. Now, I don't think that a carbon copy of the website is so useful, since the wiki is already organized a bit differently, as you can see from the [[Main Page]]. Think from the perspective of the wiki, not Before porting content, first look for a page that already contains or may contain similiar topics and put new info ''there''. The less you need to click or search around, the better :). For example, [[For Developers]] and parts of [[GNUstep Suite]] would better fit in [[Project Development]], which is linked to from the main page. 
-Also, please don't put headings in bold print, because it's unnecessary and looks kinda out-of-place compared to other pages in the wiki. Any headings you start on a page should be 2nd level headings (==), the 1st level heading is used only for the page title. [[User:Madleser|Madleser]] 

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