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hold on!

I see that you're porting pages from to the wiki. Now, I don't think that a carbon copy of the website is so useful, since the wiki is already organized a bit differently, as you can see from the Main Page. Think from the perspective of the wiki, not Before porting content, first look for a page that already contains or may contain similiar topics and put new info there. The less you need to click or search around, the better :). For example, For Developers and parts of GNUstep Suite would better fit in Project Development, which is linked to from the main page.

Also, please don't put headings in bold print, because it's unnecessary and looks kinda out-of-place compared to other pages in the wiki. Any headings you start on a page should be 2nd level headings (==), the 1st level heading is used only for the page title. Madleser

Wait, no, this wouldn't really fit in Project Development.. But there's got to be a better place for it. *looks around* Madleser
Ah, I know! Put these things under Developer Guides, much more consistent. I'll have to do some merging and shuffling around, though. Madleser

The reason I'm getting the information from the website and putting it here (straight) is because I was under the impression the Wiki was going to replace the website. So, what I'm doing is just getting the information here. I'm also keeping in mind that most of the information on the website is so outdated it's not even funny.

For the applications pages, as you can see I'm using a different format than the website, but, in my opinion, it does need to contain the same information and then some more.

You do bring a good point though, there needs to be some standardized was of doing things in the wiki so that similar pages don't look completly different. I'm going to start a discussion on the mailing list about it. Stefanbidi

Yes, the wiki should replace the website, but I personally don't like the organization of, that's what I was getting at. Just carry on, but please remember to look for a good place to put the stuff first. The wiki needs to be easy to navigate. I already merged the "How do I help GNUstep" thingy to the Developer FAQ, now I'm thinking about how to merge the things left on For Developers and GNUstep Suite into an article to put on Developer Guides. BTW, put responses here, it's easier to track the discussion :) Madleser