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Framework for a GNUstep progrsm to act as an HTTP or HTTPS server.

Current Version: 1.1.1

  • Released: Dec 30, 2006
  • Licensed: LGPL


This provides a class to do all the heavy lifting of acting as a web server handling the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You just need to create an instance of it in your program, configure it with a port it is to listen on, and set another object in your program to act as a delegate. The delegate then handles the pre-parsed incoming requests in a similar way to a CGI script being run by a more conventional web server. The library also handles logging and provides many configuration options and helper methods of course.


  • Robust single threaded default operation, for ease of debugging your programs
  • Minimal configuration required
  • Parses parameter strings in requests
  • Parses url encoded form data
  • Parses multipart form data
  • Supports SSL
  • Supports basic authentication
  • Supports substitution of values into html templates
  • Provides logging


Richard Frith-Macdonald

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