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Contains display and keyboard handeling for an NSButton, must be owned by an NSButton.

XIB fields

class="NSButtonCell" key="NSCell" id=[int]

Key Type Description
NSCellFlags int (inherits from NSCell)
NSCellFlags2 int More flags, because 8 weren't enough
NSContents NSString The label of the button
NSSupport NSFont The font for the label.
NSControlView reference inherits from NSCell
NSButtonFlags int yet more flags
NSButtonFlags2 int more flags
NSNormalImage NSCustomResource (optional) The image the button should display
NSAlternateImage NSCustomResource (optional) The image the button should display in an alternate state.
NSAlternateContents NSString The label to display in the button's alternate state.
NSKeyEquivalent NSString see NSControl
NSPeriodicDelay int see NSCell
NSPeriodicInterval int see NSCelll
NSSound NSCustomResource see NSCelll