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Are the * files needed? Are not the *-lib files sufficient?

Stefan Urbanek 16:06, 10 Mar 2005 (CET)

Installation quirks

I had to do:

configure CPPFLAGS=-I/C/GNUstep/msys/1.0/include LDFLAGS=-I/C/GNUstep/msys/1.0/lib

to get the gui build going.

Also, ffcall wouldn't compile, so it was necessary to copy one from an older GNUstep installation on windows. I will make a zip of this and put in on the GNUstep ftp site so that others don't run into the same issue.

Later, GJC


I don't think that the libiconv stuff is necessary anymore, at least not with modern source distributions of libxml2. Also, there should be a warning NOT to install libxslt, as it gets compiled as a static library and its symbols clobber *everything* inside a DLL (hence messing up gnustep-base). It needs to be fixed for mingw (I'm sure the authors would have if they ever used the configure script in MSYS).



  • delete or convince everyone of putting these kind of things on the wiki and not in some external file.

Compiling on cygwin

Currently, running the base configure script on cygwin results in the following error:

configure: error: Unable to determine type for 16-bit integer

A workaround is to make a config cache file with the following inserted:


then configure configure with --cache-file= pointing to the file.