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Example screenshot of a net service browser (
Example screenshot of a net service browser (

Tryst is a proof of concept implementation of Apple's Bonjour (formerly known as Rendezvous) for GNUstep.

Current Version: 108.pl3

  • Released: November 17, 2006
  • Licensed: Dual BSD/LGPL


Bonjour allows you to register a network service, such as a printer or file server, so that it can be found by name or browsed for by service type and domain.

Using Tryst, applications can discover what services are available on the network, along with all necessary access information such as name, IP address, and port number for a given service.


  • Adheres to Apple's specification, therefor fully source-compatible
  • Supports IPv6 (where available)
  • Full support for monitoring TXT record data updates
  • Thread-Safe
  • Works with Apple's mDNSResponder and (probably, it's untested) Avahi


Contact Chris Vetter for a current version.

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