GNUstep Installation Process

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At the moment, the ways available to install GNUstep is heavily dependent on the host operating system platform.

Installing from source code

If you wish to install from source code, instructions are available from GNUstep Howto - and if you want to stay on the bleeding edge, check out point 7 on that page or Dennis Leeuw's GNUstep Build Guide for Unix Systems.

Using your native packaging system

Many platforms offer native GNUstep packages that may be installed in the same way that other software is commonly installed. Some information on platform-specific packages can be located at Platform_compatibility.

Some aspirations

GNUstep installation process could be and should be as simple as "pkg-inst GNUstep-1.0" across GNUstep supported OS plaforms.

Given GNUstep's cross-platform approach to application development activities, the application mangement activies should also be united across OS platforms.

For "pkg-inst GNUstep-1.0" details, please see Package_management.

Few notes: