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Peter Cooper: I actually disagree with the last part of the aspirations; depending on the platform, I'd like to be able to be fully-integrated into the automatic security and dependency checking, the package removal and addition process that is used on my platform. Not all of us will always use a "GNUstep only" environment.

Hi, comrade. The is TJ Yang. I haven't really able to explain the detail of "pkg-inst gnustep-1.0" mean. in short, pkg-inst tool is part of Hyper Package Managemetn System, a HPMS will respect and work with the local PMS to create/maintain packages. so a existing OS's software/package investment will not be wasted or conflicted. for example pkg-inst on solaris implemenation will call up pkgadd to install a HPMS package into pkgadd's package registery database, this will apply to rpm,hp,aix,irix. This non-intrusive appoach is one of reason my workpalce adopt this tool. tj